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SCREENING June 14, noon, San Francisco

Hershell West working on a mural

SCREENING: 14 June 2019 (Friday) at noon, as part of the San Francisco Black Film Festival.

--the screening will be in the Nia Room of the African American Art & Culture Center (782 Fulton St., San Francisco, CA, USA)--

The photo to the left shows artist Hershell West sitting on scaffolding to work on a mural. His is an inspiring story, a story which reaches beyond him as an individual. By looking at him, we see how a black man born and raised in the segregated South could overcome obstacles to achieve his goals. In addition, the documentary illustrates the importance of public art, art education and arts advocacy. Finally, it shows some of the possibilities open to an artist who does not, for example, achieve the fame of a Picasso or a Jackson Pollack.

MORE INFO about the screening: info@palominopro.com OR San Francisco Black Film Festival: Friday.


• Pinole Public Library (Feb. 2019) - Pinole, CA., USA

• Albany Public Library (Nov. 2018) - Albany, CA., USA

• Richmond Public Library (June 2018) - Richmond, CA., USA

• Black International Cinema, Berlin (May 2018) - Berlin, GERMANY - PRIZE: BEST VIDEO/FILM in the FINE ARTS CATEGORY

• Festival International du Film PanAfricain (April 2018) - Cannes, FRANCE

The rough cut of the documentary has aired over several cable stations in northern California, as well as in Portland, Oregon.