Hershell West working on a mural

SCREENING: 18 November 2018 (Sunday) from 2-4pm, in the Albany Public Library in Albany, CA.

The Albany Public Library, which is presenting this event, is located at 1247 Marin Ave. (Albany, CA., USA).

The event will be free and open to the public. Both filmmaker Eve A. Ma and artist/star Hershell West will be present for Q&A after the screening.

The photo to the left shows artist Hershell West sitting on scaffolding to work on a mural. West has been commissioned to create murals in California and Florida and has acted as chief and often only assistant to fellow muralist John Wehrle for several murals over freeways and highways in northern California.

West's paintings have exhibited in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Florida. He helped found the annual exhibit, TAOLB (The Art of Living Black) in the San Francisco Bay Area, was president of the board of directors of the Richmond Art Center and ProArts of Oakland, and chaired both the Richmond Arts & Culture Commssion and the Oakland Arts & Culture Commission. In addition, West taught art for many years, especially to at-risk youth.

Now in semi-retirement, he has taken up photography.

MORE INFO about the screening: info@palominopro.com OR pstraghalis@aclibrary.org.


We held our first, public, San Francisco Bay Area screening of the documentary on Saturday, June 16, 2018 at the Richmond Public Library (Richmond, CA., USA). At that time, we still considered the documentary to be in the rough cut stage; we have since completed and finalized it.

The documentary has also screened in two film festivals: first in the Festival International du Film PanAfricain of Cannes, France in April of 2018, in the beautiful city of Cannes, located on the Côte d'Azure of the Mediterranean Sea.

Its second festival screening took place in Berlin, Germany, in the Black International Cinema of Berlin. Berlin, of course, is a major center for film. The screening was in early May 2018, and the documentary won the prize BEST VIDEO/FILM in the FINE ARTS CATEGORY.

We anticipate more festivals in the future.

The documentary has also aired over several cable stations in northern California, as well as in Portland, Oregon.